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Upcoming Events

Please note – additional options and categories for all the events are available on request! These are just selected offers, so if you need/want anything else that you don’t see listed, just let us know! 



Roland Garros      22/05 – 05/06 2022

The French Open, also known as Roland-Garros, is a major unmissable tennis tournament held over two weeks at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris. The French Open is the premier clay court championship in the world and the only Grand Slam tournament currently held on this surface.

Mens Final:

CAT 1 for 2,315 EUR 

CAT 2 for 1,430 EUR

CAT 3 for 1,290 EUR

Womens Final:

CAT 1 for 715 EUR 

CAT 2 for 645 EUR

CAT 3 for 500 EUR



Manchester City vs Liverpool 10/04/2022

The most anticipated game for whats left of this season. The tie has a history of prolific games between these two clubs, however this tie is that much more exciting as it could be the title decider for the 2021/2022 season, basically it’s a match not to be missed.

Long Lower Central Tier for 1,215 GBP

Long Lower Tier for for 1,000 GBP

Long Upper Central Tier for 785 GBP 

Away Fans (Liverpool) for 1,285 GBP



Wimbledon Finals 27/06 – 10/07 2022

The Championships/Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is widely regarded as the most prestigious of them all. 

Mens Final:

Rosewater Pavillion for 7,275 GBP

Cannizaro House for 5,600 GBP

Debentures for 5,150 GBP


Womens Final:

Cannizaro House for 2,600 GBP

Debentures for 2,375 GBP




Real Madrid vs Barcelona 20/03/2022

El Clasico is the most hotly anticipated match by football fans the world over and is broadcast in more than 190 countries! However we feel the best way to really experience it is Live!

CAT 1 Premium for 1,425 EUR

CAT 1 for 1,145 EUR

CAT 1 Alta for 1,075 EUR 

CAT 2 for 860 EUR

CAT 3 for 715 EUR





Monaco F1 27/05 – 29/05 2022


The Monaco Grand Prix is not only of the most glamorous race, it is also one of the oldest, as the event was first held back in 1929. -Drivers must change gear a staggering 54 times per lap at Monaco: that means that the driver’s skills are much more relevant than pure technology!

Elite Package for 4,495 EUR, this includes:


  • Formula One Paddock Club Seating
  • 1-Day Race Ticket – Located at Turn 17 (La Rascasse), Covered – Hospitality
  • Formula One Paddock Club™ Hospitality – Enjoy gourmet hospitality, bars offering beer and sparkling wine, F1 driver appearances and more
  • Guided Paddock Access – A one-time guided tour of the Formula 1 Paddock where you can watch teams and drivers interact. Specific day of Paddock access not guaranteed


  • Grandstand K Seating – 2-Day Race Ticket located between Turns 16 & 17, Uncovered – Bleacher-Style Seating


Start/Finish Line Terrace for 4,215 EUR, this includes:


  • Terrace seating on the Palais Héraclès Terrace, Located on the 11th floor above the start and finish line, you will enjoy a panoramic view on the port of Monaco and 70% of the circuit, and facing the giant screen. The view stretches from the start line to the casino ascent, then the exit of the tunnel until the turn of the Rascasse.
  • VIP access badge to your terrace for Saturday and Sunday
  • Follow-up the races from your terrace in front of the giant screen
  • High-quality lunch served at your table
  • Open bar, and TV channel
  • Hostesses and catering staff


*Hotel and Yacht pacakages available upon request*




Champions League Final Stade De France    28/05/2022

  • CAT 1 for 6,890 GBP 
  • CAT 2 for 5,940 GBP 
  • CAT 3 for 5,320 GBP 


World Cup Final              Lusail Iconic Stadium 18/12/2022



  • Peal Lounge for 30,500 USD
  • Match Business for 18,800 USD
  • Match Pavillion for 11,750 USD
  • Match Club for 6,000 USD



  • CAT 1 for 6,900 USD
  • CAT 2 for 4,650 USD


Tyson Fury VS Dylan Whyte


Saturday 23rd April 2022
Wembley Stadium

  • Inner Ring from 4,875 GBP
  • Box Seats including full Hospitality for 2,775 GBP
  • Gold Hospitality for 1750 GBP
  • Club Wembley Inc. Hospitality for 1,675 GBP
  • Floors from 975 GBP (blocks & rows available on request)
  • Long Lower Central – 120-125 | 103-141 for 830 GBP
  • Long Lower – 101-104 | 119-126 | 140-144 for 765 GBP
  • Upper Sides – 501-505 | 512-516 | 524-529 | 537-542 | 549-552 for 305 GBP
  • Upper Corner – 506-511 | 517-524 | 530-536 | 543-548 for 250 GBP

*All prices are per person and subject to availability*