Hair grows old with the years, with pregnancies, with strong medications and with environmental aggressions among other reasons. And then thin and weak. And the capillary volume varies. And it seems that the head has been reduced And the alopecia is served.

It is the moment to go to a Center of aesthetic medicine in which trichology is practiced, as it happens in the one of Dr. Maria José Barba, in which the capillary treatments occupy a stellar place. The treatments that are carried out there are absolutely personalized and it is of course discouraged that any of them be repeated in another patient for whom it has not been expressly created. So begins with an analytic totally directed to establish what are the deficiencies and deficits of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and others of the hair bulb.

Once established, Dr. Barba formulates to the millimeter the mesotherapy that is injected in the scalp of the patient, with which important results are obtained in the capillary dysfunctions, until now of difficult or impossible solution. Some of the assets used are: – Hyaluronic acid, able to densify the hair volume by thoroughly moisturizing the hair. This technique, also indicated for the aesthetic rejuvenation of the face, neck and hands, offers excellent results as a restorative treatment and complementary to the traditional mesotherapy of hair.

-I dial elements.


-Many vitamins

What is important is that the patient, or the patient, have not yet reached an irreversible degree of alopecia, that is, they still retain the capillary root. Microinjections are performed on the scalp, with very fine needles. In this way, the nutrients needed to counteract the effects of androgens and the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, which cause hair thinning, reach the affected areas. Results: Weak and brittle hair improves significantly and rapidly in quality, strength and volume. It is a unisex treatment A weekly session is generally needed for three months.