Toledo and “el quinto de luciañez”

We organize you from Madrid or from where you want one or several days in Toledo capital and in a very special  farm in the countryside.

We organize it to your needs If you want to spend more than one day, we provide you with a special stay in Toledo with the possibility of visiting this wonderful city.

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El Quinto de Luciañez, a stylish place located in a privileged enclave, in the mountains of Toledo we find a charming rural property.

We are in tune with nature and committed to the environment.

We are a collaborating farm in the LIFE IBERLINCE project of the EU for the survival of this species .

We have already released five lynxes on our farm this year that cohabit with other protected species such as the Imperial Eagle, Eagle Owl, Fallow Deer, Muppets e.t.c.

We also have a 500 year old Guinness record oak.

With just walking around you can breathe pure nature, where trees and plants are part of the ecosystem of the place, bringing beauty and personality to the farm. With a lively and rustic tradition, they give you a chic, vintage and “cozy” atmosphere – to enjoy unforgettable moments and celebrate a day as important as your wedding or just enjoy a unique day in the middle of nature.

Structures made by the hand of man, in stone and wood, conserve the rural value of 1890 that will house different spaces – Castilian courtyards, a wall of lost craft, the house of the Fifth .. – a manor house, gardens and majestic porch, will give the most romantic touch to your day.

On the place, we plan the day as you like.

Enjoy the gastronomy of Toledo with special foods such as rice, hunting, cheese tasting, lamb, all are local products and many come from the farm itself.

You can choose your own menu.

Tastings of oils and wines from Toledo.


Events with all types of music including flamenco.

Primitive orientation routes.

Exhibition and flight of raptors in incredible places.

Masterclass on bullfighting respecting animals. For this we stand by the director of the Tauromaquia de Toledo school.

Contemplation of wonderful sunsets and stars among oaks.

Our goal is to have a wonderful and different day and you evade your day to day