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As part of our value-added services and within our Networking work, from Lifestyleandroses we have signed a collaboration

agreement with Sonomanía.

Sonomanía is one of the best partners and one of the best specialists in everything related to image, sound and home automation.

Their international portfolio of clients and experience back them up.

We offer the simplest or the most sophisticated solution.

Solutions for private houses, hotels, farms, e.t.c


We get final discounts for contracting these services through notostros and we do personalized follow-up from beginning to end.

Let’s get comfortable …

For those who are knowing us now, we will say that SONOMANIA ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS SPAIN is a solid professional sound company

with more than twenty-five years of experience and with a firm vocation for quality and service trying to add a didactic

and helpful component to the commercial when we advise to our customers.


SONOMANIA SOLUCIONES ACUSTICAS ESPAÑA, is ready to offer you, from a simple equipment but of optimum value for money, professional cinema equipment,

a simple cable, a design furniture assembly full of sound acoustic enclosures or assembly of professional shows, bars, restaurants,

discotheques and hotels, being the latter our priority and specialty, although we must say that for five years now, customers

also ask us to decorate your home with our luxury image and sound items.


We design the most complex spaces integrally, soundproofing and sound reinforcement.

Specialists in audio and video of luxury, our wide catalog of true works of art, are based on the personal tastes of our most

sybaritic clients.

We buy at the most important fairs in the world, to offer you the most exclusive products that you have ever believed exist.

When we talk about Audio-Luxury, we talk about the highest of Gama that exists, pieces (some of collector’s), totally certified by factory,

some of them, with perpetual guarantee.

We emphasize, that the pieces we sell must be very decorative, very careful shapes, where gold melts with black piano, white broken

with white gold, the best wood that exists with the most polished glass, the world’s largest and most elegant televisions

or the most incredible and select record players that exist. All this, of course without neglecting the least the Sound.

The latter is perfect.

We are recognized throughout Europe, in installations and assemblies of multi-room systems, whether with or without cables.

We can offer you complete home automation in your new home so that you can get absolute control of it from your mobile phone or tablet.

One of our strengths and where we distinguish ourselves is, without doubt, providing technical advice before, during and especially

after the purchase with total confidentiality. High range that exists, pieces (some of collector), fully certified per factory,

some of them, with perpetual guarantee.

We emphasize, that the pieces we sell must be very decorative, very careful shapes, where gold melts with black piano, white broken

with white gold, the best wood that exists with the most polished glass, the world’s largest and most elegant televisions

or the most incredible and select record players that exist. All this, of course without neglecting the least the Sound.

The latter is perfect.

Regarding prices, as you probably already know, SONOMANIA ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS SPAIN, works directly with Fabrica,

as official distributors in our country, accommodating more than 1600 brands, and 25,000 different models,

referring to image and sound

Our services are of the best quality, like our products, always protected by their official and distinctive quality guarantee

SONOMANÍA ACUSTICAS SOLUCIONES ESPAÑA, has engineers, technicians, salesmen, quality controllers, transporters, etc,

highly qualified and with ample demonstrable experience in each of its specialized areas, both in multiroom,

home automation and telecommunications and in audio and video live montages , concerts etc. Professional musicians endorse us.

Why us and why Acoustic engineers?


Why Sonomanía Acoustic Solutions Spain?

Our Mission,  is to offer its customers an integral service at the acoustic level, from the initial analysis of the acoustic project,

the execution of soundproofing and control of the work of the isolation and conditioning items acoustic and the issuance

of final certificates, acoustic audits and acoustic tests, such as the final installation.

All these services offered from a prism of engineering specialized in acoustics, which allows to offer guarantees on the final results,

thus avoiding the subsequent correction of the insulation and / or acoustic conditioning executed (which reduces costs and delivery times).

Acoustic Engineers provides solutions to all types of problems or acoustic requirements.


We recommend you go through the sections of occasion and offers where you can find interesting opportunities for products in liquidation,

promotion in perfect condition, which will be very interesting.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you find a product of your interest. Online sales can be very comfortable,

but most of our customers appreciate the advice of an expert before confirming your purchase and we will love to give you a more personal

treatment and tell you a little more about the product in question.

Of course, SONOMANIA ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS SPAIN we give you all our Warranty and a guarantee on some products apart from the official

factory warranty.

The VIP area, just for leaving us some basic data, you can access private content, offers, exclusive material and a multitude

of bonuses at your disposal. Become a member of our club, and receive the newsletter and get multiple advantages, including direct

discounts and our catalog with more than 400 pages in full color with technical specifications and prices, this year we have already

sent more than one million copies. THANK YOU!

Imagine a house where lighting, heating, entertainment and security can be controlled from the same device, either by pressing

a button or by voice commands. The vision, which was once exclusive to science fiction, will become a reality for many owners

in the coming years as technological advances and an increase in awareness of environmental problems drive the rapid development

of digital home technology.

Most modern home technology focuses on the use of smartphones or tablets to control the variables in their environment.

Central heating, or regulation of the thermostat, is an industry that is expected to increase some 600 million dollars

in value in the next three years thanks to the vast potential of this new technology. In a digital home, occupants can set

schedules to save energy, a development that has proven to contribute to the reduction of almost a third of the energy needed

to heat a home. If your schedule changes unexpectedly, you can easily edit the time from your phone remotely. Installing this

technology offers owners a simple and flexible way to reduce bills for household expenses, to conserve energy and to enjoy an

optimum ambient temperature at all times.

Other developers have focused on home appliances and have looked for ways to make them more efficient and responsive.

The coffee maker, for example, could be programmed to light up and make a hot coffee the moment the owner gets out of bed.

When that person returns home from work, an app on his smartphone could open the street door automatically after recognizing

his heartbeat. It is expected that all this technology is interconnected, an important point to mitigate the fears of having

to manage a multitude of different programs in different devices.

These gadgets will make their appearance in the market in the near future, but for many pioneering and innovative engineers,

the immediate priorities are focused on more mundane technology of daily use that makes life more comfortable for the inhabitants

of a house. Examples include the development of a radiator that responds intelligently to an open window and an alert system that

informs when your guests arrive even if you are at the other end of the garden.

Once solutions like these have been developed, the occupant will determine how much of this digital home technology will be installed

in their home. For some intelligent heating can be essential, while others will install security technology before other comforts inside.


Although comfort and ecological awareness are fundamental in the design of a digital home, they are not the only aspects.

In response to parents’ concerns about their children’s television consumption, it will be possible to program their television

so that children can only watch it at specific times. These inventions may soon save lives. In case of fire, smart technology could

notify emergency services, open the doors of the property and illuminate an evacuation route.