Pearly teeth and ruby ​​lips ….

Do these sentences sound to you? …It is that they are not only those of the letter of a bolero, but those that correspond with the reality of a captivating and exciting smile, because it supposes to look:
A diamond in the teeth …!
Cervantes was right when he said that “a tooth is worth more than a brilliant” …
It is demonstrated with Diamondet, a dental jewel, a piercing of Swarovski quality, perfect for the smile, which is adhered with a light-curing resin and can be removed when desired.It is painless, and does not cause any damage to the piece on which it is placed, which is usually on an upper lateral incisor, as it is more visible when smiling.This dentaire Bijoux now appears in the Spanish market and consists of the dental placement of a Swarovski diamond, which can be removed at any time.The Sensaciones Medical Center (headquarters of the International Laser Center) has taken over the exclusive distribution of this dental jewel in Spain and Portugal and in addition to implanting it in its patients and clients who demand it, it sells it to all Beauty professionals, such as Aesthetics salons, hairdressers, makeup artist, clinics and medical centers among others …
It is easy and effective to use at any age. It persists perfectly placed for two to six months and much more, if the correct dental hygiene is observed.
With it is drawn a beautiful smile, resplendent and unforgettable.

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