Opium Madrid disco club with Lifestyleandroses

In order to offer the best place in Madrid to dine and have fun, we have closed an agreement with OPIUM.

At Lifestyleandroses we continue to add magical and top places to our Networking to offer you the best.

Inaugurated in December 2014 at Calle José Abascal, 56 in Madrid, the Opium Madrid club replaces the old Moma 56 to offer the most exclusive and elite nights of the capital.
Its incredible space offers a restaurant and club concept that has already positioned itself among the most select public in Madrid,making this place the biggest VIP reference in Madrid’s nightlife.
 Opium Madrid has two well differentiated spaces: the Main Room, where it’s resident DJs play the best house, and the Purple Room,where the pachangueo and the most danceable rhythms become protagonists.where the pachangueo and the most danceable rhythms become protagonists.

It also has an absolutely amazing restaurant both for its menu and for the presentation of the dishes and the design of the room. Speaking of the Opium Madrid nightclub is also an exclusive place, with an exquisite taste in its decoration, a gourmet menu and a track to have a great time until the wee hours of the morning. In addition, we can not fail to highlight the elegance of its VIP areas and the top service it offers.

The Opium Madrid nightclub is aimed at a select audience over 21 years old. Each day of the week offers unique parties that are characterized by delighting with musical genres such as house, reggaeton and funky and by the visit of DJ’s and recognized artists.

To enjoy the nightlife of the Opium Madrid nightclub, we recommend booking VIP tables available for you and 4 more friends. With the reservation,you will already have the entrance ticket to the Opium Madrid nightclub.
you will already have the entrance ticket to the Opium Madrid nightclub.

In addition, you make sure you enjoy your night from a comfortable and exclusive place with good views of the nightclub in general.


Para reservas contacta con nosotros  : info@lifestyleandroses.com