It is the latest fashion in Beverly Hills and California. Have it perfect … And also, come the bikinis! And the short shirts …
And the navel claims its protagonism in the beach, in the pool and in the tops and pants of low shot, that leave it exposed.
But not all the navels are tall, attractive and round, but the “T-shaped”, the excessively vertical, the small, the protruding and the unmarked, are the ugly ducklings of body harmony As far as aesthetics are concerned.
Those that do not favor, and those that in many occasions cause a great complex. Dr. María José Barba, a specialist in medicine and cosmetic surgery, talks about Umbilicoplasty or navel surgery, a surgical procedure capable of changing its size, shape and / or position, transforming it into “aesthetically pleasing”, even after a tummy tuck or Reduction of abdomen, or a hernia.
Usually the surgery is performed with local anesthesia and sedation and it will be the specialist who recommends what needs to be done (including a liposuction or abdominoplasty, if required) in the same operation.
Depending on the nature of your operation, the patient may be discharged after a few hours and resume activities the next day.