Laser Depilation


100% permanent hair removal, IF IT IS FOR SUMMER! And it ended that “not be able to take the sun a posteriori” because the taboo breaks in the medical center sensations, where you work with the Sapphire ls 1200, the best in the world market, which makes them different and gets That the sun is not a problem.

Indeed, in this Center, matrix of the International of the laser, is used the sapphire ls 1200, the best equipment on the market, capable of getting the sun is no longer a handicap in laser hair removal, or tanned skin an obstacle, on the contrary Of what happens with its competitors.
The sapphire ls 1200 has a cold unit inside it, which allows to maintain a working temperature of up to -7 ºc, so that comfort, protection and low sensation of pain is an incentive for those who receive the hair removal treatment.
And “Sensaciones Centro Médico” has opted in each and every one of its treatments for the most versatile and experienced aparatología of the market, used with optimal results in the best clinics of the world.
The treatments are personalized with an objective purpose: to find effective and visible solutions to those who demand specific aesthetic care.
In addition, its qualified medical personnel takes care of all the details: quality, safety and excellent results within a range of very affordable prices.

Laser hair removal for all types of skins:
With the sapphire ls-1200 laser, you can also perform more extreme hair removal sessions working in short pulses of 15 and 30 milliseconds.
The results are obtained in four sessions approx.
What makes summer depilation different in Sensations:
A laser:
-Power: with 1200w actual and 200a.
-Fast: with a speed from 1hz to 15hz sweep mode.
-Effective: removes hair completely.
-Versátil: suitable for all types of skins, including black. Proven!
– Solvent: i + d + i Spanish, tested and guaranteed.
-Sure: allows adjustments in the treatment to customize them to each situation.
-With a well-being guaranteed: by the frozen thermal sensation of the head.
-What has been an international award for innovation in the international look room.

The best time of year for 100% permanent hair removal
And what is the best time to get the laser?
Thanks to the development and innovation of the Sensational Medical Center equipment, the time of year is indifferent.
And as for the results, they are visible and durable.
Leaves skin soft, regenerated, smooth and rejuvenated and solves dermatological problems (hair cysts, fistulas, pimples, skin infections etc.)
Suitable for men, women and any area of ​​the body to be treated.

International Laser Center, located in

A Coruña
Las Palmas

They get Permanent permanent, safe, effective, comfortable and hygienic permanent depilatory treatment.

– Leaves skin soft, regenerated, smooth and rejuvenated.

-Solve dermatological problems (hair cystic, fistulas, pimples, skin infections etc.)

– Visible and long lasting results.