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Have you ever dreamed of getting married in Ibiza in front of your closest relatives overlooking in the sea? Our professional staff will make this happen. To hear the sea in the background, have the most amazing photos or just sit back and sip champagne as you watch the sun go down. Ibiza sunsets are unique! On clear days the sun is a huge ball melting into the sea creating a magnificent colorful sky. Also daytime coastal weddings have a wonderful ambiance, the beauty of the rushing sea will stay with you forever. Even if you want to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon only with your soulmate, our staff will make your dream comes true.



MICE Ibiza

The old adage “measure twice, cut once” applies to event planning as well. Without proper event planning, even the most creative idea can be poorly executed. Proper event planning requires foresight, experience and flexibility to meet client’s expectations. At Ibiza VIP Area, we keep a keen oversight of the corporate event planning process so as to ensure we are meeting our client requests as well as keeping an eye on the bottom line. Ibiza VIP Area covers all aspects of pre-, during and post event planning.


Private Party Ibiza

Host a private party or special event in Ibiza. Arrange a private party in the famous clubs and restaurants in Ibiza. Also, you can choose an unusual venue for your best party, such as a boat, a luxury yacht or a class luxury villa. Entrust the organization of your best private event to us and we guarantee you an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever!