Paintings of Paloma Bustillo on sale -“Landscapes of Cantabria”

Paloma Bustillo has been painting since 89 and her love comes from a young age, she was born in Madrid to the one she loves, but lives in Cantabria, the source of her inspiration.
He has exhibited his works in various galleries in Madrid and Cantabria as Santana Art gallery and Ulcamarisa art gallery on Jose Abascal Street.

Paloma is a very fighter woman and in her paintings she reflects the different stages of her life.
His works reflect landscapes of the North, full of color and cheerful and melancholic feelings.




” Faro de Santander “

SIZE: 74*62

PRICE 1.200 Euros

” Intensidad”

SIZE: 74*62

PRICE 1.300 Euros

” Casa pueblo “

SIZE: 70*60

PRICE 600 Euros

” Sin habitar “

SIZE: 60*50

PRICE 4.500 Euros

” Paseando al atardecer “

PRICE 1.200 Euros

” Imaginación “

SIZE: 73*58

PRICE 625 Euros

” Peces “

SIZE: 52*45

PRICE 1.200 Euros

” Gaviotas”

SIZE: 64*75

PRICE 1.100 Euros

” Jarra con manzanas”

SIZE: 50*42

PRICE 1.100 Euros


” Lejanía”

SIZE: 74*62

PRICE  1.300 Euros

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