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To produce a rough noise, serious and continued on having breathed while he falls asleep, due to the vibration of the veil of the palate: it is to snore!

And do all the problems of pair begin for doing it?

How many kicks in the bed, looks of hatred, sleepless nights?, because unfortunately, between 70 and 80 % of the population it snores. And it is that beside provoking a troublesome noise, which alters the rest and diminishes the quality of the dream, some snorers suffer courts of the breathing or apneas of the dream, capable of provoking from problems of concentration, up to increases of the cardiovascular risk

 As Dr. Maria Jose Barba Martínez, specialist in medicine and cosmetic surgery, in the last years, ” the Uvuloplastia represented by laser (LAUP) has liberated many people

  • Quick
  • Minimally invasive
  • No side effects
  • With almost immediate results “

Laser treatment for snoring, under local anesthetic spray, consisting of retraction of the uvula (bell) by applying energy interstitial mode.

The laser heats the tissue without damaging the skin surface, favoring their contraction and further opening of the nasopharyngeal space to facilitate air flow.

Improves quality of breathing, brain oxygenation, reduces episodes of sleep apnea and snoring secondarily dims

Depending on the case, the problem can be solved in one treatment session, or require several applications of laser, to the desired tissue contraction.

Treatment is fully ambulatory.

In addition, people who snore during sleep are three times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than non-snorers.

In fact, all sleep-disordered breathing, encompassing syndrome:

  • severe airway resistance
  • Sleep apnea (pauses in breathing nocturnal drop in oxygenation at the cellular level of the body and the brain very pronounced)
  • snoring are related to developing other diseases.

That is, one step with LASER uncomfortable snoring and prevents the passage of air through the throat, respiration and oxygenation of the body is improved.

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Hair grows old with the years, with pregnancies, with strong medications and with environmental aggressions among other reasons. And then thin and weak. And the capillary volume varies. And it seems that the head has been reduced And the alopecia is served.

It is the moment to go to a Center of aesthetic medicine in which trichology is practiced, as it happens in the one of Dr. Maria José Barba, in which the capillary treatments occupy a stellar place. The treatments that are carried out there are absolutely personalized and it is of course discouraged that any of them be repeated in another patient for whom it has not been expressly created. So begins with an analytic totally directed to establish what are the deficiencies and deficits of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and others of the hair bulb.

Once established, Dr. Barba formulates to the millimeter the mesotherapy that is injected in the scalp of the patient, with which important results are obtained in the capillary dysfunctions, until now of difficult or impossible solution. Some of the assets used are: – Hyaluronic acid, able to densify the hair volume by thoroughly moisturizing the hair. This technique, also indicated for the aesthetic rejuvenation of the face, neck and hands, offers excellent results as a restorative treatment and complementary to the traditional mesotherapy of hair.

-I dial elements.


-Many vitamins

What is important is that the patient, or the patient, have not yet reached an irreversible degree of alopecia, that is, they still retain the capillary root. Microinjections are performed on the scalp, with very fine needles. In this way, the nutrients needed to counteract the effects of androgens and the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, which cause hair thinning, reach the affected areas. Results: Weak and brittle hair improves significantly and rapidly in quality, strength and volume. It is a unisex treatment A weekly session is generally needed for three months.

Pearly teeth and ruby ​​lips ….

Do these sentences sound to you? …It is that they are not only those of the letter of a bolero, but those that correspond with the reality of a captivating and exciting smile, because it supposes to look:
A diamond in the teeth …!
Cervantes was right when he said that “a tooth is worth more than a brilliant” …
It is demonstrated with Diamondet, a dental jewel, a piercing of Swarovski quality, perfect for the smile, which is adhered with a light-curing resin and can be removed when desired.It is painless, and does not cause any damage to the piece on which it is placed, which is usually on an upper lateral incisor, as it is more visible when smiling.This dentaire Bijoux now appears in the Spanish market and consists of the dental placement of a Swarovski diamond, which can be removed at any time.The Sensaciones Medical Center (headquarters of the International Laser Center) has taken over the exclusive distribution of this dental jewel in Spain and Portugal and in addition to implanting it in its patients and clients who demand it, it sells it to all Beauty professionals, such as Aesthetics salons, hairdressers, makeup artist, clinics and medical centers among others …
It is easy and effective to use at any age. It persists perfectly placed for two to six months and much more, if the correct dental hygiene is observed.
With it is drawn a beautiful smile, resplendent and unforgettable.

“Sensaciones Centro Médico” specializes in the production of ultrasound scans and offers electro stimulation services, laser diode depilation, rejuvenating treatments and many others. It is the headquarters of the International Laser Center, located in
A Coruña
Las Palmas
Cadiz, etc


 It is the latest fashion in Beverly Hills and California. Have it perfect … And also, come the bikinis! And the short shirts …
And the navel claims its protagonism in the beach, in the pool and in the tops and pants of low shot, that leave it exposed.
But not all the navels are tall, attractive and round, but the “T-shaped”, the excessively vertical, the small, the protruding and the unmarked, are the ugly ducklings of body harmony As far as aesthetics are concerned.
Those that do not favor, and those that in many occasions cause a great complex. Dr. María José Barba, a specialist in medicine and cosmetic surgery, talks about Umbilicoplasty or navel surgery, a surgical procedure capable of changing its size, shape and / or position, transforming it into “aesthetically pleasing”, even after a tummy tuck or Reduction of abdomen, or a hernia.
Usually the surgery is performed with local anesthesia and sedation and it will be the specialist who recommends what needs to be done (including a liposuction or abdominoplasty, if required) in the same operation.
Depending on the nature of your operation, the patient may be discharged after a few hours and resume activities the next day.

Laser Depilation


100% permanent hair removal, IF IT IS FOR SUMMER! And it ended that “not be able to take the sun a posteriori” because the taboo breaks in the medical center sensations, where you work with the Sapphire ls 1200, the best in the world market, which makes them different and gets That the sun is not a problem.

Indeed, in this Center, matrix of the International of the laser, is used the sapphire ls 1200, the best equipment on the market, capable of getting the sun is no longer a handicap in laser hair removal, or tanned skin an obstacle, on the contrary Of what happens with its competitors.
The sapphire ls 1200 has a cold unit inside it, which allows to maintain a working temperature of up to -7 ºc, so that comfort, protection and low sensation of pain is an incentive for those who receive the hair removal treatment.
And “Sensaciones Centro Médico” has opted in each and every one of its treatments for the most versatile and experienced aparatología of the market, used with optimal results in the best clinics of the world.
The treatments are personalized with an objective purpose: to find effective and visible solutions to those who demand specific aesthetic care.
In addition, its qualified medical personnel takes care of all the details: quality, safety and excellent results within a range of very affordable prices.

Laser hair removal for all types of skins:
With the sapphire ls-1200 laser, you can also perform more extreme hair removal sessions working in short pulses of 15 and 30 milliseconds.
The results are obtained in four sessions approx.
What makes summer depilation different in Sensations:
A laser:
-Power: with 1200w actual and 200a.
-Fast: with a speed from 1hz to 15hz sweep mode.
-Effective: removes hair completely.
-Versátil: suitable for all types of skins, including black. Proven!
– Solvent: i + d + i Spanish, tested and guaranteed.
-Sure: allows adjustments in the treatment to customize them to each situation.
-With a well-being guaranteed: by the frozen thermal sensation of the head.
-What has been an international award for innovation in the international look room.

The best time of year for 100% permanent hair removal
And what is the best time to get the laser?
Thanks to the development and innovation of the Sensational Medical Center equipment, the time of year is indifferent.
And as for the results, they are visible and durable.
Leaves skin soft, regenerated, smooth and rejuvenated and solves dermatological problems (hair cysts, fistulas, pimples, skin infections etc.)
Suitable for men, women and any area of ​​the body to be treated.

International Laser Center, located in

A Coruña
Las Palmas

They get Permanent permanent, safe, effective, comfortable and hygienic permanent depilatory treatment.

– Leaves skin soft, regenerated, smooth and rejuvenated.

-Solve dermatological problems (hair cystic, fistulas, pimples, skin infections etc.)

– Visible and long lasting results.