Toledo and “el quinto de luciañez”

We organize you from Madrid or from where you want one or several days in Toledo capital and in a very special  farm in the countryside.

We organize it to your needs If you want to spend more than one day, we provide you with a special stay in Toledo with the possibility of visiting this wonderful city.

Visit  “Peña Aguilera” to buy all kinds of leather and leather goods.


El Quinto de Luciañez, a stylish place located in a privileged enclave, in the mountains of Toledo we find a charming rural property.

We are in tune with nature and committed to the environment.

We are a collaborating farm in the LIFE IBERLINCE project of the EU for the survival of this species .

We have already released five lynxes on our farm this year that cohabit with other protected species such as the Imperial Eagle, Eagle Owl, Fallow Deer, Muppets e.t.c.

We also have a 500 year old Guinness record oak.

With just walking around you can breathe pure nature, where trees and plants are part of the ecosystem of the place, bringing beauty and personality to the farm. With a lively and rustic tradition, they give you a chic, vintage and “cozy” atmosphere – to enjoy unforgettable moments and celebrate a day as important as your wedding or just enjoy a unique day in the middle of nature.

Structures made by the hand of man, in stone and wood, conserve the rural value of 1890 that will house different spaces – Castilian courtyards, a wall of lost craft, the house of the Fifth .. – a manor house, gardens and majestic porch, will give the most romantic touch to your day.

On the place, we plan the day as you like.

Enjoy the gastronomy of Toledo with special foods such as rice, hunting, cheese tasting, lamb, all are local products and many come from the farm itself.

You can choose your own menu.

Tastings of oils and wines from Toledo.


Events with all types of music including flamenco.

Primitive orientation routes.

Exhibition and flight of raptors in incredible places.

Masterclass on bullfighting respecting animals. For this we stand by the director of the Tauromaquia de Toledo school.

Contemplation of wonderful sunsets and stars among oaks.

Our goal is to have a wonderful and different day and you evade your day to day







Rey Don Pedro Luxury home services in Seville


Located in the best area of ​​Seville in the Plaza de Santa Cruz in Seville, square that gives its name to the most popular neighborhood in Seville where the main monuments of the city are located, many of them declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The house has 8 rooms with a capacity of up to 15 people, all rooms have a separate bathroom with shower or bath.

It has a 24-hour attention service every day of the year.

All the accommodation has high speed internet and service provided by fiber optics.

All rooms have full bed linen and daily cleaning included in the price, have HD flat screen HD TV with internet access and TV programs such as Netflix or Amazon TV. It has a safe with a key.

all independent bathrooms in each room have a hair dryer, plug adapted for different countries, soap, gel, shampoo, toothbrush, comb and toilet paper. It is also available with bath towels, washbasin and foot mat.

Aditionally, we can arrange any trip frour concierge options in Seville.  Just contact us in info@lifestyleandroses.com

Unique experiences with spanish artisans

Iberian Peninsula

Mosaic of Cultures

 A wealth of artisans have evolved out of the singularity of the regions in Spain


A Tourist Paradise

First most popular travel destination in the world in 2017 with 82 million tourists in Spain* and 16 million in Portugal**

Highest revenue from tourists in Europe in 2017

With €87,000M in Spain* and €7,000M in Portugal*

Iberian Artisans H&F connect Top Tourism with our Artisans

We offer the possibility of having a unique experience by stepping into our Iberian culture and getting close to the essence of our traditions through our finest Artisans

For that purpose, we have designed artisanal tours of the most representative artisans of our cultural heritage. Spain and Portugal are countries rich in traditions that are reflected in their landscapes, flavours, and unique  creations

what we do


a personal encounter with the best Iberian artisans at their workshops. This unique experience can be anything from finding out how Flamenco guitars are made for top artists such as Paco de Lucía or the traditional wine Bota-bag that Ernest Hemingway made known to the rest of the world in his literary work.


a first-hand experience of the history and peculiarities of each quartier and popular places where the workshops are located, with our specialised hosts

We  craft  tailormade  tours  to  visit  the  unique  Madrids’  most  genuine workshops, enjoying a stroll along the centre of the city and its historical corners

The tour can be done on foot or by car. We recommend doing it on foot. The maximum estimated walking time from one workshop to another is 15 minutes

In any case, each route will be adapted to the needs of each client

2018 RATES

Our rates include:

  • Visit and exclusive meeting with our Artisans in their workshops
  • Bi-lingual (English) companion throughout the tour
  • First-hand experience of the history and peculiarities of the quartiers close to the workshops

Up to three workshops can be chosen per tour according to the preference of the client. The tours are on foot or by car, depending on the needs of the client. Should they choose to

go by car, a surcharge will be applied to our rate.

(10 persons maximum / tour)



A work of Art

Our luthier makes guitars of great beauty and they are considered to be works of art. He is passionate about his profession and livelihood. This enthusiasm has been passed down through the generations and currently he works alongside his son and daughter, who are the fourth generation of this well known Spanish guitar – making family since 1887.

Their guitars have unique characteristics that make them stand out from others not only for the exquisite work  but  for  the  sound  that  they  make.  Famous guitarists such as Paco de Lucía or Leonard Cohen have frequented this atelier.

He helps to promote the Spanish guitar outside of Spain by taking part in the most prestigious international fairs such as Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Shanghai.


This traditional waxworker is now the fourth generation of a family of wax chandlers and in her atelier in Calle Paloma uses the same methods to make candles since it opened in 1887.

All candles are hand-dipped. Watching her hang the weighted wicks from the revolving frame and dipping them into the pot of melted wax is something unique. Our Artisan uses wax, paraffin and cotton wicks brought from different corners of Spain.


Our Master Tailor is the maestro behind the outfits worn by the Bullfighters that sparkle in the light quite literally known as trajes de luces (suits covered in lights) in Spanish.  Each  outfit  is  tailor-made  to  perfectly  fit  the Bullfighter; comfortable to wear, just the right weight, and very elegant.

This tailors, founded in 1978, is quite simply the best and you can also find unique creations on display in their museum dedicated  to  bullfighting.  It is  a real  pleasure and privilege having the opportunity to listen to the explications he gives on each outfit when you can feel the passion he feels for his profession.

He has made-to-measure outfits for some of the best Bullfighters in the world such as El Juli, Enrique Ponce and Curro Romero. His fame has spread to celebrities such as La Toya Jackson, Andy García and Plácido Domingo and he has collaborated with top tailors such as Lacroix or Dolce & Gabanna. You can also see his outfits in Pedro Almodóvar’s films and in the Operas of London, Dresde, New York, Sydney and Amsterdam.


Our Artisan works with his own hands, with the same dedication and in exactly the same way as his grandfather did when they first opened the business in 1909.

Every day he crafts wineskins, coriambres and the traditional wine bota-bags that Ernest Hemingway made known to the rest of the world. Making wine bota-bags and wineskins is a long process that includes cutting, sewing or lining them with pitch or pine resin so that the bota-bag does not leak.

He is the last of his kind owning an atelier in Madrid making

botabags and wineskins.


Century-old Craftsmanship

Founded in 1907, this exclusive binder and restoration workshop transforms each book into something unique. All work is done by skilled craftsmen using traditional and modern methods based on their experience and avant- garde techniques.

The atmosphere in this atelier is charming as you watch them work with tools of the trade that have not changed for over 100 years; guillotines, flywheels, shears, and genuine sewing machines. They have the best collection in Spain of over 2,000 bronze embellishers and letters, embroidery, and decorative wheels.

This workshop keeps all the stamps (personal, company, official institutions both national and international) of everyone they have ever worked for; Nobel prizes, politicians, actors, directors, designers, institutions, embassies, and the nobility.


Prototype of a contemporary craftswoman, the purity of her sculpted lines are rooted in the close link she maintains with the landscape of her native Canary Islands.   The   simplicity   of   shapes   and   the   original combination of silver with surprising materials such as porcelain or wood transmit their purity to her creations. Wearing her jewelry is like embellishing yourself with a ray of light.

The magic of Florence, the vitality of London or the luminosity of Madrid have left their mark on her creations, which also include original dinner services, lamps, vases and tea sets, created for prestigious companies such as Georg Jensen, Kahler, Bodum and Munio.

In 2015 she was awarded with the distinguished Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts.


  Our Espartero represents the third-generation family-run atelier/shop   of   traditional   esparteros   in   Madrid.   Their clientele are interior designers, prop masters for cinema,  and grandfathers or gipsies looking for a stick called a vara in Spanish.

The secret to their success relies on the loyalty of their customers who not only appreciate the quality of this handiwork but also help to stop this century-old trade from being  lost  by  keeping  it  alive.  Here,  you  can  find  rather singular objects that one would never expect to see in a big city like Madrid such as wooden barrels, canes, crooks, bellows, and esparto grass products such as baskets, blinds or carpets and curiosities that are still used in rural Spain today such as snail baskets and nests.

Olea consultancy and Varisan PARTNERS – We combine the beauty of European and Asian culture and architecture


in partnership with


Our mission
To provide design projects and furniture solutions to hotels, serviced-apar tments and resorts with the most compeit ive prices , from budget fr iendly to bespoke

Singapore. 8 Cross St reet
#28-01 PwC Bui lding
048424 Singapore
China. No. 19 East 3rd Road.
Jiasheng Center SOHO
10th Floor Chaoyang Dist rict
Bei jing
+65 9188 5618
+34 600 096 484

Who we are?

We are a multicultural team of consultants specialized in design, equipment and furniture for the tourism sector

A one-off turnkey design and supply company aware of international trends in architecture,interior design, and furniture supply

Our more than 20 years of experience in tourism ,hospitality, logistics and import-export allows us to offer the best solution

Our offices are located in China, Singapore, South Korea, India, Indonesia and Taiwan

Why us?

We provide inter ior f it out solutions to hotels,serviced-apartments, resorts and developments Factory direct

Sourcing from the best factor ies in Asia to the client

Unique, tailor -made and cost-effective design.

Without intermediaries

Interior fit out and furniture

Exterior furniture design and landscaping

Furnishing lines: linen, upholstery, uniforms

Accessories: tableware and decor

Art, antiques and signature items


Experiences in Madrid

From Lifestyleandroses we suggest possible experiences that can complete your stay in Madrid. Let yourself be advised by us and we will coordinate your itineraries and your plans.


 MADRID BY BULERÍAS Dinner in Tablao Flamenco show and drink From € 35

 RÍETE TÚ Dinner at La Luna 22 Tickets Jamming show From € 42

 IT HAS WRITTEN A CRIME Original dinner at a restaurant in Madrid From € 51

 “UNTIL HERE WE HAVE ARRIVED” Dinner show entrance The 26th of Freedom From € 54

MADRID FLAMENCO Flamenco Initiation Workshop Dinner and show at La Quimera From € 62

 A PEDAL STRIKE Self-guided bicycle route From € 20

ESCAPE IF YOU CAN Escapism game Snack on the 26th of Freedom From € 23

 THE BED IN THE BIKE Electric bicycle rental full day Food menu chicken roast From € 28

 MY SEGWAY! Different guided routes on segway From € 29

FAMILY SURVIVAL Family Survival Workshop From € 30

BARRANCO A TIRO DE PIEDRA Canyoning From € 35STAR WARS LaserTag Barbecue From € 43

PAINTBALL AMONG FRIENDS PaintBall Barbecue From € 46

ORIENTATION IN MOUNTAIN Orientation course From € 49

LAS ROZAS VILLAGE Roundtrip transfers Shopping day in Las Rozas Village From € 15

TABLE FOR TWO Dinner season tasting menu Welcome cava drink Premium brand first drinks From € 62

SECRETS AND LEGENDS Visit Toledo Monumental Greco Bath and massage in Arab Baths From € 63

WATCH YOURSELF! Wellness treatment to choose From € 65

 COMBAT YOUR WELFARE Bath and massage Hammam in Madrid Dinner in El 26 de Libertad From € 67

THAILAND IN MADRID Thai Thai Dinner Massage From € 70

KOBIDO: PATH OF BEAUTY Massage workshop Kobido From € 75

LOVE IN THE AIR Hot stones massage in couple Dinner in La Luna 22 From € 78

HAMMAM AND CUSCÚS Bath and massage in Hammam Dinner in Al-Mounia From € 87

A LUXURY DAY Personal shopper From € 142

DO WE PLAY THE COCINITAS? Cooking workshop for children Tasting the cooked From € 15

A PEDAL STRIKE Self guided bicycle route From € 20

MAKE bY YOUR HANDS Route Talavera de la Reina Ceramic workshop From € 34

CLIMBING IN GRANITE Initiation to climbing From € 39

A SPA FOR YOUR BABY Bath and massage for babies From € 39

CHAMPAGNE OF EIFFEL Walk Market of Peace Champagne with tasting From € 21

ROOFING MADRILEÑAS Guided tour of the roofs of Madrid Tapa and drink on the terrace From € 28

CORRALS AND LIES Cultural plan in Madrid Ruta emblematic corralas Cooked tasting in Malacatín From € 34

PURE ROMANTICISM Ruta by Cuenca Food in El Secreto From € 35

ROMANTIC CULTURE Museum of Romanticism Dinner at La Fragua de Sebin From € 40

RÍETE TÚ Dinner at La Luna 22 Tickets Jamming show From € 42

TUK TUK LOVE Route in Tuk Tuk in Madrid Dinner in Rustika cafe From € 45

VESPA AND ROCK & ROLL Visit on Vespa at your leisure Menu at Hard Rock Café From € 56

TABLE FOR TWO Dinner season tasting menu Welcome cava drink Premium brand first drinks From € 62

PURE ROMANTICISM Ruta by Cuenca Food in El Secreto From € 35

A MEDIEVAL STORY Medieval Siguënza Route Lunch at the Parador From € 49


GIANTS IN SIGHT Visit winery Food in Las Musas Visit Sierra de los Molinos From € 59

ADVENTURE IN ONE DAY Canoeing route Food in La Olma From € 60

SECRETS AND LEGENDS Visit Toledo Monumental Greco Bath and massage in Arab Baths From € 63

THE ENCHANTED CITY Tourist bus Official guide Enchanted city tickets Lunch at the Parador From € 65


FAMILY THYSSEN Guided tour for families, in English, by the Thyssen Museum From € 8

NAIF MADRID Museum of Romanticism Snack at El 26 de Libertad From € 10

SUMMER CAPRICH Guided tour of El Capricho Park From € 15

COOLTURAL MADRID Guided tour through the different neighborhoods and galleries of Madrid From € 20

FROM THE RIVER TO THE VISTILLAS Segway tour through Madrid Río From € 29


Penthouse in Motril, Granada Beach Area.

Price: 360,000 € / 135 m² / 3 rooms / 4th floor exterior Penthouse in Motril, Granada Beach Area. 

Urbanization with pool and green areas, day caretaker, surveillance by security camera, do not miss the opportunity to be sunbathing, playing golf and in sixty minutes in the Sierra Nevada.

Penthouse in one of the best developments in the area, with two bedrooms, one of them suite, fitted wardrobes, air-conditioned hot / cold areas, two bathrooms, living room with a gabled roof, independent kitchen with access to the terrace, floor marble, terrace with two rooms and with jacuzzi, garage included.

Basic characteristics     135 m² built, 105 m² useful    3 rooms    2 bathrooms    Terrace    Parking space included in the price    Second hand / good condition    Built-in cabinets    Storage room    Orientation east    Energy certification: in process

BUILDING     4th floor exterior   With elevator

EQUIPMENT     Air conditioner   Pool    Garden

LOCATION     Rector Salvador Vila Hernández Street, 5    Granada beach    Costa Tropical, Granada


The best of Spain fom the air

The best helicopters, pilots, routes and stays to make your experience unique. The experiences can be requested depending on your needs and budgets.

Let us  describe some of our best proposals ¡¡












Awesome flight to TOLEDO and landing at the Galiana Palace

Transfer to Cigarral de Menores;

visit its gardens with sculptures by Chillida.

Food and private concert in Palace.

Stays for groups.


Visit to 4 Medieval Castles.

Flight to the Escorial, Valley of the Fallen, Segovia and to each castle.

Landing and visit at the gates of the Castle of CUELLAR, COCA and TUREGANO

Transfer to PEDRAZA and lunch at “La Olma restaurant”

Visit Pedraza Castle and Zuluaga collection



Taking off from Madrid, Sobrevolamos Escorial, valley of the Fallen, the farm and Segovia.

Landing at the Parador.

Guided tour of the Cathedral, Alcazar and Aqueduct.

Typical food and roasts at the Parador.



Flight passing through Aranjuez and TOLEDO Imperial. -Finca family of the fifteenth century of thousands of hectares in TOLEDO on the banks of the river Tajo. -10 exclusive rooms. – Catering service by a prestigious Chef. – Bird watching. -Possibility to fly to play golf.


Flight tour of El Escorial, Valley of the Fallen and possibility of expanding to AVILA .. -10 exclusive rooms. – Private meetings, capeas, horseback riding, balloon activity, hunting possibilities, clay pigeon shooting, golf, cultural visits Segovia, etcFor those who want to finish the safari with a meal in the countryside and move to the film “Memories of Africa.

” The best ending to a good safari. The staff will be waiting for you with a hot water wash, in the middle of the field and a perfectly dressed table for the most demanding palates.

Enjoy taking pictures and share them immediately without saying where you are … Let the imagination of the person who sees it fly.




Flight from Madrid from 1 to 5 passengers to enjoy the views of the Sierra, the San Lorenzo del Escorial Monastery and the Valley of the Fallen.

Brunete, Villaviciosa de Odón, Villanueva de la Cañada, Valdemorillo,Sierra de Guadarrama, swamp of Valmallor From Madrid passing through Villaviciosa de Odón we will fly the Castillo de Puño en Rostro and we will arrive to Aranjuez, seeing it, its palaces and gardens, we will surround Toledo with its Gothic Cathedral, the Alcazar and we will return by the Tagus riverbank.



EXPERIENCE VALDEPALACIOS  relais chateau . Just 100 km from Madrid.


img_7625 img_7627


Awesome tours to see the beauty of the islands

Transfer between Islands and Peninsula ..     Flights

Barcelona from the air. 
Camp Nou
Sagrada Familia
Coast Flights
Circuit of Catalonia     
Andorra FLIGHTS 


Flight to La Rioja to enjoy the best representation of the innovative spirit of Marqués de Riscal
and its world of sensations is undoubtedly the building designed by the famous Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry.

Vineyard and partridges in Aranjuez. Winery, tastings and wine games.
Catering Michelin Star Flights from the estate
8 luxury rooms Private rooms

MCVNE / VIÑA REAL Y CONTINO Viña Real, one of the most emblematic brands of La Rioja. 
Among his prizes, it is worth mentioning the 100 Parker points awarded to his "Viña Real Gran Reserva 1959". 
Guided visit to the Viña Real winery and explanation of the wine making process.
 Visit and walk through the Viñedos del Contino,
one of the first French "chateu" to settle in Rioja.
A unique vineyard Typical Riojan food, potatoes with chorizo ​​and chuletillas 
al sarmiento, in the "Viñedos del Contino" with wine tasting: Monopole, Reserva Contino and Corona.

According to a document written in Latin dated January 7, 1385, Bernat Llopart (or Bernardus Leopardi) received the 
cession of some vineyards located at the present Estate of Can Llopart de Subirats.
It is the first reference to the link between the Llopart delPenedés and viticulture, a relationship that has been maintained uninterrupted to this day. 


We will fly over the Sierra de Madrid and the Castilla fields on a spectacular flight. On the way we will fly the Guadarrama river,
leaving El Escorial and the Valley of the Fallen, the "Alto del León" and we will enter in  Castilla landing at the 
winery in 1 hour.  

Visit the farm in off-road. Appetizers  in Arzuaga  tasting one of the exclusive wines. 
Visit winery Barrel tasting Guided tasting of two wines.

Visit to Abadia Santa María de Retuerta
Luxury restaurant food. 
Visit hunting reserve 
Visit vineyard 
Visit cellar Wine tasting Wine and the typical products 


Day 2: Transfer by car to the REAL CLUB OF GOLF DE SEVILLA  GOLF DAY  FLIGHT from the field to FINCA CORTESIN. 


Day 4: GOLF FINCA CORTESIN GOLF DAY Flight to SEVILLA. Fly to play these fields with Professionals









Enjoy Ibiza


We provide all kinds of exclusive services to enjoy a stay in Ibiza with all the amenities you could wish for. We have exclusive villas with charm and wonderful views where you can find yourself at home. Yachts with which to cross to the fascinating and wild island of Formentera, where in addition to the beaches and the landscape, you can taste the local fish and seafood in the best restaurants of the Mediterranean.

We also offer everything that can make your holiday easier, easier and safer: from chauffeur services, security, beauty and relax, babysitters, to reservations of VIP tables in the most renowned restaurants and clubs on the island. Luxury car rentals and private jet services, as well as everything you need to organize a celebration at home or aboard one of our boats, catering, chefs, barman and cocktail shakers, sound equipment, DJs and artists of recognized prestige . Our services can be contracted independently or together. We guarantee a perfect arrangement and organization of our services so you can enjoy a stay on the island without worrying about anything. You can be advised by our extensive experience in high level holidays, and delegate to us every detail so that everything goes perfectly.

Enjoy Ibiza in one of our beautiful villas and chalets.
Whatever your personal style, we have the perfect place for you.
In addition, as we like to pamper our clients, we offer our best services 24/7.
Personalized attention, cleaning service, masseuse, personal trainer, DJ, full fridge, cook, babysitter, etc.
All the services you may need to make your stay perfect.
“We do it for you”
Our service is available 24 hours a day. Our drivers have extensive work experience, great protocol and accustomed to high standing.

Plan the transfers with our personal disposition service, so that you can attend to your different commitments, beaches, coves, port, leisure centers, restaurants …
And of course, you can choose the best option if you wish, have a driver 24 hours a day if you need it. Because the highest priority for us is you, with this service you will save waiting and long queues, you will not lose the valuable time of your vacations. You will have a personalized service at the door.
Either from a hotel on the island or from a hidden villa, to transfer from the airport or to travel within the island. Privacy and absolute confidentiality.


Renting a boat to tour the beautiful shores of the white island is one of the experiences that you and your guests deserve.
A memorable event in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury aboard our private yachts.
Enjoy the wonderful beaches and views that surround the island, see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world from the deck of one of the boats that we offer our clients.

We have a large fleet, more than 80 aircraft, diversified by Europe, Asia and the USA.
Young aircraft, which have the most exclusive details to make your trip, the most pleasant stay.
Aircraft and crews, which comply with the highest standards of quality and safety.
We are committed to finding the best solution for all aircraft available worldwide, with a single call or mail.
We have access to all available aircraft of all air operators, reaching discounts of up to 50%.

Due to the fact that Ibiza is a point of reference in luxury tourism worldwide, many dangers can go unnoticed, both in the exterior and in the interior of the house, since in recent years the intrusions in homes have increased.
Protect yourself with the best professionals on the island.
Availability of private security for: Parties, events, control of developments and villas, control of entry and exit of people in hotels, escorts and transfers.
We safeguard your home and accompany you wherever you need.
Discretion, surveillance and protection.

Explore the island with the best company, enjoying life and a dream car. We specialize in management and rental of sports vehicles, super sports, classic, exclusive and collectible.
Among them we have in stock: PORSCHE, LAMBORGHINI, FERRARI, M. BENZ, BMW, etc.

 Large limousine with additional free space, more comfort.
 Luxury leather seats and VIP area.
 Multiple large LCD screens & impressive lighting.
 Lazer disc lighting and anti-scratch crystals.
 Super Quality ICE Sound Equipment.

They have worked in the best kitchens of Ibiza,in restaurants with Michelin stars and in the most tops of the island.

Our professionals know very well the island and all the products (organic) for a complete service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as you wish,
seafood, meat, pasta, etc.
You can have our chefs during your stay in Ibiza.
We also offer “paellas” delivery at home, with spectacular fresh Ibiza prawns.
In the sector we also have the best Iberian ham and the best cutters, they cut the whole summer season in restaurants on the island such as Malibu, Ciprianni, Pacha, Sa Escollera …
And of course in private events, both in villas and yachts and events.

We take care of managing your reservations at restaurants, beach clubs and nightclubs.
So you do not have to worry about anything.
In places where others can not, we get the best for you in the best clubs on the island.
There is nothing more important than the welfare of our family.
Professionalism and trust, qualified personnel for both children and seniors.
For you to enjoy the holidays, to relax and rest.
Always taking care of the small details

Do not worry about cleaning your home on your holidays.
Uniformed and qualified personnel will go to your house at the time you need.
Accustomed to cleaning in luxury villas and boats.

One more service in which we emphasize the care and attention by our customers. More than 500 products at your disposal, from milk and water to caviar and champagne.
Place the order by email telling us what you want and the day and time you need it. Before they arrive they will have all the products in their home.
Easy and comfortable


Ibiza is a perfect place for holding corporate events and special celebrations.
Given our experience on the island, we are experts in organizing all kinds of events, from incentives of large multinational companies, through events or private parties and even the most exclusive and unforgettable weddings.
We have a wide variety of locations and options that are perfect for this type of events, always providing a quality final service that is to our customers’ liking.
We take care of absolutely everything. From the arrival at the airport everything will be organized and prepared to the smallest detail.


We collaborate with different companies on the island of Ibiza selected carefully to satisfy that the service our clients receive always meets the highest level of demand and professionalism.
Thanks to our experience of more than 15 years in Ibiza, we have the best collaborators that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.
We have all the tools to take advantage of all the positive synergies that appear in our relationship with our customers and we are always willing to collaborate in a win-win relationship with all those companies that are interested in it.



Relais Châteaux Valdepalacios

 Valdepalacios is a unique 5 stars GL hotel. Located in Spain, very close to Madrid,  in the middle of a wonderful private 600 hectares estate.

A very special place where you will find top gastronomy. You will also enjoy different activities in full nature.

We also offer our cosy Spa “de charme”.

A perfect option for your corporative events, weddings and all kind of private celebrations.



We offer 27 rooms from 40 to 80 sq.m. This magnificent mansion has been faithfully renovated and elegantly interior decorated using a mix of styles and fabrics with floral motifs to give the whole a warm and comfortable character.
We take care of every single details to fulfill all your expectations.

You can choose between rooms in the main house, built in the XIX century, or in the ones located in our gardens, with splendid view to the countryside.
Rate per room and per night from 250 € to 700€.



The restaurant’s very name, Tierra, is a declaration of our principles managed by the chef Roberto Terradillos . Tierra has all the richness of the culture, agriculture, wine-growing and cuisine of the area. 1 Estrella Michelín Star  y 2 “Soles”  – Repsol Guide.

Our hotel also offers different spaces for our guests where they can enjoy more informal options and light dishes always respecting our gastronomic quality.


Located in some old restored outbuildings on the premises, we have created an impeccable spa for the exclusive use of hotel guests. Its large windows and natural light remind us that we are surrounded by nature.


The hotel guests may enjoy: a massage service, Turkish bath, sauna, a hydrotherapy bath, heated swimming pool and beauty treatments.

Ideal for resting and recharging one’s batteries.



For your wedding celebration, Valdepalacios hotel offers the knowledge and experience of its gastronomic restaurant Tierra, directed by Roberto Terradillos (chef )

Our chef Roberto Terradillos  will design a made to mesure menu for you considering the number of guests and your personal tastes.

Come and visit us without commitment. We will be glad to receive you.

The only 5 stars GL Relais & Chateaux hotel close to Madrid specialized in corporate events. We adapt our offer to the real needs of each client and provide an exclusive selection of activities managed by the hotel staff.

We have different meeting rooms equipped with all kind of audiovisual aids.

We take care up to the minimal detail in order your meeting becomes a success.

Based in our top quality gastronomy, we offer special menus for corporate events.


The hotel’s philosophy is to offer our clients nature, in its purest, quietest state.


Thus, Valdepalacios offers its own activities and services, within the estate, organized and supervised by hotel staff. You may choose to go for walks, ride bicycles, go horseback riding or take a ride in a horse-driven carriage with a picnic included. Animal enthusiasts may enjoy the diversity of local animal life: duck, partridges, rabbit, fallow deer, stag, etc through our photographic safari.

We also offer to our weekend guests wine tastings and cooking lessons.


+34 925 45 75 34 – valdepalacios@valdepalacios.es

Located between the Sierra de Gredos and the Tagus River, Valdepalacios stands in a huge area of more than 600 hectares. You will enjoy the amazing landscape and the typical “dehesa” nature.

From Madrid: Valdepalacios is situated 150 kms. away from Madrid (1 hour and a half by motorway).

Ibiza Wedding Ceremony / Mice Ibiza / Private parties

Have you ever dreamed of getting married in Ibiza in front of your closest relatives overlooking in the sea? Our professional staff will make this happen. To hear the sea in the background, have the most amazing photos or just sit back and sip champagne as you watch the sun go down. Ibiza sunsets are unique! On clear days the sun is a huge ball melting into the sea creating a magnificent colorful sky. Also daytime coastal weddings have a wonderful ambiance, the beauty of the rushing sea will stay with you forever. Even if you want to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon only with your soulmate, our staff will make your dream comes true.



MICE Ibiza

The old adage “measure twice, cut once” applies to event planning as well. Without proper event planning, even the most creative idea can be poorly executed. Proper event planning requires foresight, experience and flexibility to meet client’s expectations. At Ibiza VIP Area, we keep a keen oversight of the corporate event planning process so as to ensure we are meeting our client requests as well as keeping an eye on the bottom line. Ibiza VIP Area covers all aspects of pre-, during and post event planning.


Private Party Ibiza

Host a private party or special event in Ibiza. Arrange a private party in the famous clubs and restaurants in Ibiza. Also, you can choose an unusual venue for your best party, such as a boat, a luxury yacht or a class luxury villa. Entrust the organization of your best private event to us and we guarantee you an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever!