About Us

We are a professional team made up several spanish partners.

Jaime Urgoiti ( Economist and M.B.A )
Lola Rosa ( Specialist in Travelling world )
Eduardo Arredonda ( Marketing and Advertising )

After our career move as managers for various multinational companies, we have acquired great experience in the treatment and personalized service to our customers.

We’ve covered sectors such as travelling  and experiences, communications and real estate world. Three specialties published in our web, where we implement our experiences and professionalism at market reasonable prices.

We have developed strong analytical skills in business opportunities, seeking contacts with professionals and companies from different sectors. Our departments and services have always been highly valued by customers, and have grown significantly, obtaining several awards.

Therefore, our company was founded with the aim of offering different services, with the best “partners”.


We want to meet the needs of people and companies with interests in Spain (Traveling to Spain, invest and even live in Spain).

Our country is wonderfull  and certainly offers great opportunities for those who can see them, find them, or advice about them. There are  experiences and plans that not everyone knows, and we will work so that you can enjoy them in every way .

On the web are a few examples of what we can do to reach those goals.

We  have created a network with the most prestigious and valued companies, avoiding being globalists and typical. Working with love, professionalism, good taste and discretion.

Ask us what you need ,and we will bring you one or more solutions .

Try us!!