Sport experiences in England

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Royal Ascot 23 June 2018

Welcome to Royal Ascot! Each year the month of June dresses up to welcome the Windsor at the opening of the Royal Ascot, one of the longest-running and most traditional horse competitions in the United Kingdom. The equestrian event brings  together the British High Society with personalities from all walks of life and displays an amazing fashion show. Women parade her with hats that she will never have seen before: original, glamorous, daring and even irreverent.In either case, none will go unnoticed.


Start the Polo Season 2018 Every Sunday from May to September Welcome to the Ham Polo Club! Polo is one of the most beautiful and elegant sports thanks to speed, risk, talent and the impressive presence of horses. From its origins, the Polo is synonymous with style, privilege, royalty and emotion. At present the Polo is considered the last redoubt of sports exclusivity. A unique show for lovers of the horse world. Enjoy it with us. 

The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials

From August 30 to September 2, 2018 The impressive Burghley House Park in Stamford is home to six competitions around the horse world. This three-day event is designed to be a complete riding test. The 500 outdoor tents that surround the event display luxury gifts, jewelry, horse products and fine arts and food stalls that give you the opportunity to enjoy delicious local and international dishes. A unique show for lovers of the horse world.

Rugby World Cup

Japan 2019 From September 20 to November 2, 2019 The ninth Rugby World Cup meets in Japan. Come with us to the Japanese country to encourage your rugby team and enjoy the main cities by the hand of a local guide. Delight yourself with the country’s gastronomy, its traditions, its monuments and its spectacular technology. A perfect balance between the most traditional past and the most innovative present. Live this unique sport in a unique environment.

Come and enjoy the Premier League In the United Kingdom football is lived with a special passion.

Enjoy the atmosphere that is lived in the surroundings of the field during the hours before the game. The typical thing is to get to the area of ​​the stadium a couple of hours before the game and take a few pints in a nearby pub with all the fans of the local team while eating hamburgers or hot dogs (you will see many stands that ride in the streets surrounding the stadiums).

In England most matches are played from 12.30 in the morning until 15.30 or sometimes 16.00. In this way, at the end of the game you can continue enjoying the atmosphere by having dinner at a local restaurant.

 Queen’s Wimbledon ATP Travel with us to London and enjoy the best international tennis championships that take place in the British capital. We turn our experience around so that everything that surrounds you during the trip is related to the world of tennis: from restaurants to experiences and cultural visits and, of course, the attendance to the tournaments. You will enjoy tennis in its purest form.